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Bijenpollen Entolase® 90 Caps

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Il polline d'api è un puro prodotto delle api. Il polline delle piante è una sostanza che viene raccolto dalle api e le nasse sono cariche. Per migliaia di anni è noto che il valore nutritivo per gli umani è estremamente elevato. Il corpo umano contiene 22 elementi di base, tra cui: gli enzimi, aminoacidi e vitamine. Questi componenti devono essere sostituiti da mangiare cibo.

In connessione con la nuova legge, entrata in vigore 14 Dicembre, 2012 dovrebbe essere. Cambiato la descrizione del prodotto di questo prodotto Non possiamo purtroppo dire tutto di questo bel prodotto e stiamo lavorando su un nuovo fondamento di fare voi le informazioni necessarie per fornire.
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Co Enzym Q10 30 Caps

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In verband met de nieuwe wetgeving die 14 december 2012 is ingegaan dient de productomschrijving van dit product aangepast te worden. Wij mogen helaas niet alles meer vertellen over dit mooie product en zijn bezig met een nieuwe onderbouwing om u toch van de nodige informatie te voorzien.
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Pau d'Arco Plus 90 Caps

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The origin of the pau d'arco tree is located in Brazil. Yet this tree thrives not only in the tropical rainforest, but also feels at home in the cool of the main mountain. Pau d'arco comes from the thin inner bark of the tree. The family of Bignoniaceae, which the pau d'arco belongs, consists of about 100 different species. In North America, some varieties are also grown as an ornamental shrub. The use of Pau d'Arco as a natural product is known for over 1000 years.

Studies have shown that the pau d'arco tree many active
contains lapachol. This material is well absorbed by the body and easily spread to the body cells, except for the brain cells. Pau d'arco stimulates the natural immune system of the body. It is a very valuable natural resource, which promotes the metabolism and blood purifying. However, these are just a few examples of applications of Pau d'Arco. This natural product is ao stomach-protective, good for the prostate, beneficial for blood pressure and improves the condition of the gums.

In connection with the new law that took effect December 14, 2012 should be. Changed the product description of this product We can unfortunately not tell you everything about this beautiful product and are working on a new foundation to do you the necessary information to provide.
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