Conditions de vente

1. General

The conditions defined hereinafter are an integral part of the agreement between Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga and the customer, including all specific general conditions added by the customer. They apply to every information, service or product Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga supplies to the customer, whether or not explicitly defined in the agreement, included in the given price or charged separately.

2. Realization of the agreement

Agreements and departures from these agreements – including these conditions – are only binding for Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga if they were confirmed and signed by the authorized representative.

3. Prices

All given prices and fees are VAT inclusive, unless stated otherwise. The customer approves that Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga always has the right to change the going rates, fees and costs for services and goods that are not yet delivered. If prices and fees have been raised more than 10% between the moment of the order and the delivery, the customer has the right to undo the bargain. Any advances paid will be refunded. Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga is not responsible for specifications and prices given to us by our suppliers. Prices in our advertisements, on our website and on our price-lists are not binding and can be changed at all times, whether or not as a result of typographic errors.

4. Payments

a. The customer has to comply with the agreed payment stipulations. All invoices are to be paid not later than 30 days after the date printed on the invoice or with backorders 15 days after the date of shipment.

b. Without prior reminder omission interests of 8.25% per year (every commenced month counting as a full one) will be legally added on every sum not paid when due. In addition Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga has the right to charge a fixed compensation equal to 15% of the invoice amount and no less than € 40,00 (Euro).

c. Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga reserves the right to ask an advance for specific product orders. Advances are in no case re-claimable as a result of longer delivery periods. The given delivery time is purely exploratory and not binding. No order is binding for Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga as long as the advance has not been received.

d. Sending a cheque for payment is possible, however the bank costs are non-refundable if the cheque is already shipped to the bank.

5. Delivery

The following conditions apply to all our online orders. After the order a confirmation e-mail stating all relevant info is sent to the customer. Payments are to be made using one of the various possibilities on our website. All goods are forwarded at buyer’s risk (except packages with insurance). All goods remain property of Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga as long as the payment for the total sum is not received. Deliveries can be done by mail, courier or by picking up, subject to the kind of product and the destination.

6. Complaints

It is the customer’s responsibility to check all goods and services when delivered, or as soon as possible after the delivery, and to make sure the delivered goods and/or services comply with this agreement. All complaints about the delivered services or products are to be communicated by registered post within 14 days after the delivery, under penalty of permanent dissolution on account of the customer.

7. Right to renege and taking back

The customer has the right to inform Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga within 14 days following the delivery of the product or service that he renounces the purchase without having to give a reason or having to pay a fine. Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga has to be informed of this decision by (registered) post or email.

The customer has to send back all goods in perfection condition and in the original packaging. All media that can be copied (such as videotapes, software, music and books) are only accepted in unopened packages. The Wet Cell, Radiac and Violet Ray are not returnable and non refundable. All shipping costs are at the expense of the customer (except PayPal Free return packages). The amount will be paid back within 30 business days when all these conditions are met.

8. General stipulations

a. The invalidity of a stipulation or part of this agreement will not have any influence on the validity of the other stipulations.

b. If Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga fails to enforce the fulfilment of a stipulation, that does not imply the waiving of the right to enforce the fulfilment of these or other stipulations in case of other infringements.

c.This agreement is subject to the law of The Netherlands.

d. All disputes concerning this agreement are within the exclusive competence of the courts of the judicial district of Leeuwarden. Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga has the exclusive right to file a claim in the judicial district or the country where the customer resides, as desired.

9.   Gegevens Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga:

Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga
G. Colmjonwei 58
8915 GN Leeuwarden
Tel: 0031-58-2136737
Fax: 0031-84-8361160
Account: NL54ING B0001082344


Conditions de renvoi des produits

Retourbeleid / Herroepingsrecht/ Return Policy:


Selfhealing Praktijk Jan & Jantsje Osinga

G. Colmjonwei 58

8915 GN  Leeuwarden

The Netherlands




Ik/Wij* deel/delen(*) u hierbij mede dat ik/wij(*) onze overeenkomt betreffende de verkoop van de volgende goederen herroep/herroepen(*)

Besteld op(*)/Ontvangen op(*)

Naam/Namen consument(en)

Adres consument(en)


Handtekening van consument(en) (alleen wanneer dit formulier op papier wordt ingediend)






(*) Doorhalen wat niet van toepassing is

Al de verzendingskosten zullen steeds op rekening van de klant zijn (behalve de pakketten die via de "PayPal retourkosten vergoeding" worden verzonden).



I/we * part/parts (*) you hereby announce that I/we (*) our corresponding on the sale of the following goods

Ordered on revoke/cancel (*) (*)/received on (*)

Name (s) of consumer (s)

Address consumer (s)

Signature of consumer (s) (only if this form is submitted on paper)




(*) delete whichever does not apply all the shipping costs will continue on behalf of the customer.

All shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.