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This Digital Meter is for the Baar Wet Cell Battery and Solution Jar measurements.
It is essential for monitoring the long term use of the Baar Battery and Element Wire Assembly #151.

Checking for proper Mixing:
1. After thoroghly mixing the Wet Cell ingredients, wait 12 hours before use. Check the charge after your first session by using your digital meter. 2. The dial on the Digital Multimeter should be turned to the 9 o'clock position, 200m.
3. Check the battery charge by placing the pointed metal end of the red test lead from the meter into the metal part of the red jack on the Baar Wet Cell Battery lid. Then place the pointed metal end of the black test lead into the metal part of the black jack on the Baar Wet Cell Battery lid. The digital reading will read approximately minus (-) 20 milivolts and above. (i.e. -25, -30, ect.). Check the battery reading a few times during the month. Do Not check the battery prior to using it, but check it after use. Note: If your meter registers a reading (-1), change the dail setting to 2000m.

Testing the Solution Jar Element Wire Assembly #151:
1. You should occasionally (every 3 months) check the #151, Element Wire Assembly, to be sure it is working properly. To check that there is little or no resistance in the Element Wire Assembly, it must be tested when the Element Wore Assembly are Not in solution. The Element Wire should be cleaned and dry.
2. The dial on the digital meter should be placed at the 6 o'clock position or on the 200 in the Ohms section of the dial. To determine your meter's lowest Ohms reading, touch the meter's red and black test leads together. The reading may show around .3 or .4. This represents your meters "zero" point or No Resistance Point.
3.Place the red test lead in one of the banana jacks on the element wire lid and the black test lead in the other banana jack. You should get a reading of between .3 and .9 Ohms.
4. The Ohms reading should Not be higher then .9. This can be corrected by re-threading and tightening the lead loop or purchasing a new element wire assembly #151 or call Baar Products at (610) 873-1621.