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English Language

Multiple Sclerosis Book
An Adjunctive Therapy 
Edited by Bruce Baar, MS, ND

  • Instructional Manual
  • Contains Full Color Pictures and Diagrams
  • Testimonials & Research
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The application and assembly of the Baar Wet Cell Battery is detailed in this book including a step-by-step procedure to assure its proper functioning. This manual is helpful in changing a seemingly complicated process of using this battery into a simple procedure. It promotes consistency of use by the individual, the health care practitioner, and/or the health care assistant. This manual uses pictures and full descriptions to explain how to set up and apply the Baar Wet Cell Battery and how to integrate the Vibradex Solutions. In addition, the Baar Wet Cell Instructional DVD is available for visual and descriptive support.


The information in this manual contains details that are not included in the DVD. This proposed therapy for Multiple Sclerosis is based on the current and past literature Dr. Bruce Baar has studied, including his own personal experience with Vibradex Solutions, the Baar Wet Cell System, massage, meditation, and diet. You will find within this book some of the many testimonials we receive from those who are encouraged and changed by their experiences with the Baar Wet Cell Battery.

This book is for Research and Educational Purposes Only. Information printed does not constitute advice. Information printed in this booklet is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any product, nor is it intended to replace qualified medical care.

"The Baar® Wet Cell Battery is certainly one of the safest available tools for Multiple Sclerosis and worthwhile for those who will use it."
- C. Norman Shealy, M.D.,Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine
Editor, Journal of Comprehensive integrative medicine
Tiwehkt, Native American Church of Nemenhah
President, Holos Energy Medicine Education
Professor Emeritus, of Energy Medicine, Holos University Graduate Seminary