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Remedy for the lungs

Lightweight Charred Oak Keg

For Throat and Lungs

Barrel Dimensions 10.5" x 8.5" x 8.5"

Size Necessary to Generate Sufficient Fumes

5 Liters (Approximately 1 Gallon)

Lighter Weight Oak, Easier to Lift

Metal Bands are Not Stainless Steel

Metal Bands will Rust if Submerged in Water

Soak Inside of Keg Only to Prepare

No Exterior Varnish or Shellac

Hand Crafted in the USA

Edgar Cayce Product

Purchase Stand Separately

The Charred Oak Keg is an American folk aromatherapy that was mentioned in the Cayce Health Care Philosophy for supporting healthy lung and respiratory function. Simply fill the keg halfway with Laird's Apple Brandy (86-100 proof), approximately 1/2 gallon. Breathe in the fumes with the breathing tube. Instructions for preparation of the Oak Keg and one breathing tube are included. Order additional tubes below.

This wood keg is made of a lighter weight Oak and is easy to lift. Its interior has been charred. The charcoal from the inside surface absorbs impurities from the Apple Brandy that is added to the keg after the inside has been soaked. Do NOT soak the outside of the keg as the metal bands will rust. Instructions for preparing the Lighter-Weight Oak Keg are included.

Important: The inside of the Oak Keg must be soaked prior to use (preferably with distilled water.) Do not allow the keg to go longer than 6 months without re-soaking. If the oak keg dries out for longer than 6 months, it may not reseal.

A stand for the Charred Oak Keg may be purchased separately. Item #S407. See Related Item(s) section below.

Cayce Quotes*:

"First we would give that the body begin inhaling the fumes from pure apple brandy in a charred oak keg. Put half a gallon of pure apple brandy in at least a gallon or a gallon and a half of charred keg... At least two or three times a day inhale these fumes into the lungs, blowing out through the nostrils when it is practical. Keep the keg in a warm place so that evaporation may occur easily... Do this and it will change those activities in the lungs that once in a while do break through. Use these fumes regularly."Cayce

"The activity on this is not only for the destruction of live tubercule tissue, but it acts as an antiseptic for all irritated areas; also giving activity to cellular force of the corpuscle itself. It acts as a stimuli to the circulation, then, recharging each cell as it passes through areas so affected by the radiation of the gases from this fluid itself." Cayce

"For the properties inhaled will work with the activity of the respiratory system, as well as the properties contained therein will act upon the influences of the liver and kidneys in their ability to be purified - in the assimilating of these forces that arise from the infusion of these influences indicated." Cayce

"This will act not only as an antiseptic, but will so change the lung tissue as to bring about healing of the tissues, and will also increase the abilities of assimilation, and we will have improvements." Cayce

"These [inhalations] will irritate at first, but use through the nostril for the stopping of cough, as well as inhaling into the lungs." Cayce

"Do not attempt to inhale too much in the beginning, or it will be inclined to produce too much intoxication for the body." Cayce