REVITAMUNE 8 oz (240 ML)

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ReVitamune™, 8 fl. oz.
Revitalizing Blood Purifier and Immune Support

  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Boost Your Natural Defenses
  • Balance & Rebuild Immune Function
  • Cayce Formula, closest to the Hoxsey Family Formula

Baar's new ReVitamune™ is an all natural herbal tonic that helps support and enhance the body's response to seasonal and immune challenges. Stimulate and revitalize the body's natural detoxification processes.

Suggested Use: Shake well, take 1/2 teaspoon up to four times per day with one dose just before retiring.

Ingredients: Fluid extract of Wild Cherry bark, Stillingia, Yellow Dock root, Poke root, Burdock root, Atomic Iodine, Beet syrup, Grain Alcohol (12-15%)

Botanical Uses:

Wild Cherry Bark is used for respiratory problems as an expectorant and remedy for all catarrhal conditions. Common Names and Synonyms: Beggar's Buttons, Thorny Burr, Gypsy's Rhubarb, Fox's Clote, Cockle Buttons.

Stillingia is considered as a blood purifier, digestive aid and immune enhancer by herbalists.. Common Names and Synonyms: Queen's Delight, Queen's Root, Silver Leaf, Yaw Root.

Yellow Dock is a traditionally used as a blood cleanser, tonic and builder. It is also used to stimulate the liver and gallbladder and aid in digestion. Common Names and Synonyms: Curled Dock, Narrow-leafed Dock.

Poke Plant was used in small doses by the Indians as a blood purifier. It has green or purple stems bearing simple leaves and white flowers that give way to purple staining berries. Synonyms: Pokeweed, Pigeon Berry, Poke Root, Coakum, Pocan.

Burdock is known as a systemic cleanser and is particularly noted as a liver purifier and hormone balancer, especially in cases of skin, arthritic and glandular problems. Common Names and Synonyms: Beggar's Buttons, Thorny Burr, Gypsy's Rhubarb, Fox's Clote, Cockle Buttons.

Cayce Quotes:

Edgar Cayce recommended Wild Cherry Bark for pulmonary conditions and as an aid to digestion. It was also noted for its role in cleansing and building the blood.Wild Cherry Bark was mentioned in 312 readings between 1921 and 1944.

"The action of these properties combined within the system are to act on the effects acquired in the lung forces within clarifying blood. The action of certain properties is to rebuild the Hemoglobin within the blood to give more Leukocytes to the blood, as we find in the bark of Wild Cherry ..." (3724-1).

". . . Wild Cherry Bark is an expectorant and a purifier as combined especially with other ingredients for the blood supply." (643-1)

" . . . The taking of those properties indicated for the allaying of cold and congestion - as in the cherry, the horehound - will not only aid digestion but stimulate the circulation for the upper portion of the head and through the bronchial area, thus giving a better flow of circulation for the throat and the gums..." (808-3)

". . . The active principle from the Wild Cherry Bark, with the other ingredients, is a stimulation to the lungs, throat and bronchials, and those organs above the diaphragm." (2790-1).

". . . The Wild Cherry Bark is for cleansing the blood supply." (457-3).

Stillingia was recommended by Edgar Cayce as a blood purifier and digestive aid, especially with reference to stimulating the liver, kidneys and spleen. Stillingia was mentioned in 201 readings between 1924-1941.

" ... the Stillingia, which in this combination makes for an activity to the kidneys for purifying or cleansing same, thus building or purifying the blood supply and adding to the gastric flow." (1019-1).

" . . . aided by those of the Stillingia and Sassafras as the CLARIFIER of the blood stream and the tendency of the allaying of nerve pressure." (5664-1).

". . . Other properties, as in the Stillingia, make for that activity with the pulsations between the liver, the heart, the kidneys, in such a manner as to STILL the circulatory forces there." (404-4).

". . . This to aid the respiratory system, also sarsaparilla as a cleanser diathetic, and a purifier, as is also the Stillingia and the properties as are in the other carriers." (5522-1).

". . . The Stillingia is as a sedentary action for the glands of digestion, or the lacteals, WITH those that will make for a better coordination of the muco-membranes in the intestines, that will clarify poisons from the body." (5683-1).

Edgar Cayce recommended Yellow Dock root as a digestive aid and blood purifier, working especially with the liver and pancreas. Yellow dock root was mentioned in 265 readings between 1911 and 1944.

"The Yellow Dock root is an emit and blood purifier, an active principle with the secretions of the liver." (643-1).

". . . We find these conditions, for the condition to produce the proper secretions to the pancreas and to give the correct functioning of the liver these elements are added in those of the Burdock andYellow Dock root, you see; for that of the liver and to reduce the high hepatic condition is given the Black root and Yellow root . .." (4650-1)

Edgar Cayce did not describe a specific action for poke. Poke is mentioned in 49 readings between 1922-1943 with peak utilization between 1924-1926.Poke was recommended as a food (poke greens in 8 reading during the later years) or as an ingredient in a complex compound. When prescribed in a compound, the most frequent form was prepared as a tincture, extract, essence or fusion.

". . . Then to bring the better results to the body, and to correct these conditions, we would first give that in the system that would give the correct incentives to the organs of elimination to function properly; that is, prepare the system first for the corrections in the dorsal region, and then stimulate all excretory system, and the nerve centers that are released, and we will bring the better conditions to the body." (3741-1).

Burdock's intended action was as a digestive stimulant to the stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver according to the Cayce readings. Burdock was mentioned in 160 readings between 1911 and 1944. Burdock was always recommended with other substances in a compound, never by itself.

"The Burdock is an activative force with or in the juces through the hydrochloric area, or in the pylorus." (1012-1)

"We find these conditions, for the condition to produce the proper secretions to the pancreas and to give the correct functioning of the liver these elements are added in those of the Burdock and Yellow Dock root." (4650-1).

Caution: Seek the advice of a health care professional before taking any iodine supplements. If you are pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure or a thyroid condition seek the advice of a health professional before using this product.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.