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Excellent for the relief of congestion, colds and minor back pain

CamphorCare®, 4 oz 
Natural Liniment

• Edgar Cayce Formula
• Eases Colds and Congestion
• Relieves Minor Back Pain


Best if applied after bath or used with warm compresses. CamphorCare provides a penetrating combination of Mutton Tallow, Spirits of Turpentine and Spirits of Camphor. Massage into chest, back, neck or feet.

Edgar Cayce Quote:

"Q: What is the cause of pain in right ankle, and cure for same?

A: This has been strained. Just massage with any good liniment; (using)... Mutton Tallow (melted), Turpentine and Camphor." (reading 1532-4)

"In the present we find the acuteness of cold or congestion through portions of the bronchi and trachea, or a feeling in the central portion of the lungs, in and through the hips and the lower part of spine, back and abdomen. These will pass, if there is occasionally produced an abundance of eliminations. The application of heat, too, will tend to aid in this character of elimination; with the use of any good astringent rub, ... (using) Turpentine, Camphor and Mutton Tallow, with heat applied." (reading 303-24)

" We would also prepare a compound for massaging the body. (Use)...Mutton Tallow, Spirits of Camphor, Spirits of Turpentine and Compound Tincture of Benzoin. Heat these; not so that they boil, but so that the Mutton Tallow dissolves and the others will then mix together. These properties will tend to separate somewhat when cool. Stir together. Massage just what the body will absorb, about twice or three times a week, especially across the liver area, across the kidneys, over the caecum and over the right side." (reading 976-1)

"At times we would use across the small of the back a heat from ...Mutto Suet, Turpentine, Spirits of Camphor and Compound Tincture of Benzoin. Heat the Mutton Suet or Mutton Tallow to add the other properties. A flannel dipped into this solution and laid over the body, across the area, and then an electric pad at low heat used, would make for an absorption of sufficient to be of a great deal of help. And with the stimulations of the manipulative forces be helpful to the system.)" (reading 1148-2)

Suggested Use:

Shake well before using. For relief of congestion, apply to back, chest, and lower extremities following a hot bath or foot soak. For minor backaches, massage over back and kidney area, using mild heat if desired. If Solidification occurs, immerse bottle in hot water before using.


Mutton Tallow, Spirits of Turpentine, Spirits of Camphor.