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Official Wet Cell Battery of the Edgar Cayce Foundation

Units and applicators are not accepted for return or refunds. Please contact a customer service representative with any questions.

Baar Wet Cell Battery Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is the way to begin researching the Baar Battery. Light weight, non breakable container and ease of use. Kit includes: Container with Lid, Nickel Rod, Copper Rod, Red Wire and Disc, 2.5 inch Solution Disc Large, Solution Jar with visual bottom, Element Wire assembly (cap with loop), Emery Paper, Mixing Stick, Jumper Wire, Extra Wide Velcro, Battery Charge Kit (30 day supply). If more than one solution (gold, silver, etc.) is indicated, then purchase an Additional Solution Jar Set for each. Vibrational solutions such as Gold, Silver, Camphor, etc. must be purchased separately and will be determined by the information you are researching. The system must be replenished with new chemicals every 30 days. This is the Official Wet Cell Battery of the Edgar Cayce Foundationent A.R.E. and the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy. The person who is researching the application of the Wet Cell battery should have either an Edgar Cayce reading # that she is following or have a Research Protocol from the ARE Health & Rejuvenation Center.

The Baar™ Wet Cell Battery

The Baar Wet Cell Battery System is designed to help enhance the body's natural healing tendencies. The unit generates a very, very low electrical flow in the body. Passing this current through various solutions enhances the benefits of the Baar Wet Cell Battery system. This system is said to tap into the healing current vibrational medicine researchers are discovering.

NEW: DVD Instructional Guide on How To Set Up Your Baar Battery

Testimonials - read what others are saying about the Baar Battery. 

The Baar Wet Cell Battery from Baar Products comes with Assembly Instructions, Silver enhanced terminals, Non-breakable, lightweight, and see-through technology container for easy inspection. The Baar Wet Cell Battery Starter Kit Includes all the components in the picture above plus assembly instructions. If you are researching an Edgar Cayce Reading and have questions, you can call us at the number listed below.
This is the Official Wet Cell Battery of the The Association For Research and Enlightenment (ARE), Edgar Cayce Foundation, the Health and Rejuvenation Center (H.R.C.), and the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy. Official World Wide Supplier of Edgar Cayce Products.

To begin using the Baar Wet Cell Battery:

You will need one #199 Wet Cell Battery Started Kit
(detailed on the right and pictured above).

For each additional month of use you will need:

·  one #215 Battery Charge Kit.

·  2 bottles of a vibrational solution.

If this is confusing, just email us and we will help you
with your order.

  These following items are included in the #199 Baar Wet Cell Battery Starter Kit :

Container with Lid
Nickel Rod
Copper Rod
Red Wire and Disc
2.5" Solution Disc Large
Solution Jar with visual bottom
Element Wire assembly (cap with loop)
Emery Paper
Mixing Stick
Jumper Wire
Extra Wide Velcro
Battery Charge Kit (30 day supply)

What Solutions Should I order?

Listed on the right are the solutions available. Most people
start their research with the gold solution. If you are following
a specific recommendation or reading, then your choice is made for you. If you need suggestions on what solution to research, please contact.
 Solutions (ordered separately):


It should be used everyday for about 30 minutes. Variations to this can be discussed with our support group or call Baar Products. Afterwards a massage is done for about 10 -30 minutes depending on your program. The massage is to be done with Body Beautiful Massage Oil or the Arthro Massage Oil. These are the best formulations to use for the massage.


New DVD Set Up Instructional Guide

Be sure to read what customers are saying about the Baar Wet Cell Battery: Testimonials


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