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Body Beautiful Massage Lotion, 8 oz
General Skin Care Lotion

• Edgar Cayce Formula
• For Beautiful Skin
• Frequently recommended after Wet Cell Battery use

Our Exclusive Body Beautiful Massage Oil and Skin Lotion is made from pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% pure Peanut Oil and Lanolin. This product is all natural and unsurpassed in its quality. Maintain your skin's vitality; moisturize and nourish your skin for a healthy complexion all over. Moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Suggested Use: 
- Shake well before use. Use as a daily moisturizer for both body and face, add to your bath, use to remove make-up, and great for use after shaving.
- Great for therapeutic massage. Take a bottle with you to your next massage appointment! 
- This is one of the more frequently recommended massage formulas described in the Edgar Cayce Health Care philosophy, often for use after the Wet Cell therapy.

Peanut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lanolin.

Customers Experiences:

"The Body Beautiful lotion is the 'the bomb!' Great job getting the oil ratios correctly, just the right absorption and lubrication characteristics." - G.C., Winston Salem, NC