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In relation to the new legislation that is entered, december, 14th, 2012. This product description of this product has to be adapted.

Jerusalem Artichoke Flour, 1 lb. Bag/ 16 oz.
Organic Whole Tuber Flour
• Contains Prebiotics, Inulin & Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
• Non-GMA and Non-Irradiated
• Certified Organic
• Gluten/Wheat/Yeast Free
• Edgar Cayce Product

Jersualem artichoke (helianthus tuberosis l.) Is a tuberous rooted perennial. Native americans grew it for centuries as a staple food. Garuda's jerusalem artichoke flour (jaf) is a concentrated source of fructooligosaccharides, useful prebiotics that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the human digestive tract.

Suggested Use:
For best results, add at least 2 teaspoons daily to your diet by blending with any breakfast cereal (before adding liquid); or mix with a whisk into an 8 oz. glass of juice or other cold liquid or blend in a smoothie. As a great addition to tortillas, homemade pasta or baked goods (add to your dry ingredients, substituting an equal amount of the flour with 2 tsp/serving of Heli-FOS™ Jerusalem Artichoke Flour).
Ingredients :
Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers (dehydrated and milled)