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For Strains, Sprains & Bruises

Myo Relief, 4 oz
For Strains, Sprains & Bruises

• Comes with Easy Applicator
• Apply to Sore, Inflamed Areas
• Edgar Cayce Formula 

This uniquely formulated liniment provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with back, neck and shoulder strain, joint discomfort and muscle sprains and strains. Eases minor bruising, while providing deep penetrating relief.

Comes with a unique wool applicator for ease of use. Just dip it into the bottle and rub on to the body. Apply only what the skin will absorb. 

Oil of Sassafras has analgesic properties to relieve swellin and redness. It is naturally antimicrobial.

Tincture of Benzoin works to protect skin by forming a barrier over the affected area. It helps to treat minor skin sores and wounds and prevents the irritation and possible skin infection.

Olive Oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep skin smooth and supple. It also acts as a cleansing agent as well as a moisturizer.

Witch Hazel has astringent and hemostatic properties, making it potentially useful as a skin astringent. It promotes healing for skin inflamations and irritations.

Russian White Oil is a pure mineral oil that provides a barrier to help prevent moisture loss from the skin. It also helps to relieve dryness and chapping.

From the Edgar Cayce Health Care Philosophy
"...small quantity massaged in the cerebrospinal system or over sprains, joints, swellings, bruises, will TAKE OUT the inflammation or pain!"

Russian White Oil, Witch Hazel, Oil of Sassafras, Tincture of Benzoin, Olive Oil, and Coal Oil.

External Application Only. Do not apply around eyes or to mucous membranes.


Customers Experiences:

"I have Lupus and getting tired of using steroids, this product gives great , fast relief and I would highly recomend it." - M. B., LA

"Please keep this product (myo-relief) in your catalog, I have had wonderful results with it." - T.M.