Magnesium Ultra Capsules 90 Caps

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Due to the ever increasing pressure that people face today, inner turmoil often arises. The Magnesium capsules contain 2 types of organic magnesium including citrate and oxide, which improves the absorption. This product is suitable for persons who require a magnesium supplement every day.

In connection with the new legislation that came into effect on December 14, 2012, the product description of this product must be adapted. Unfortunately we can not tell you all about this beautiful product and are working on a new foundation to provide you with the necessary information.
The quality of this product has not changed!

magnesium citrate 512 mg and magnesium oxide 241 mg, adh magnesium total 53% and fillers (Mcc, magnesium stearate and colloidal silicon dioxide) 16 mg.

Plastic jar with sealed lid

3 times daily 1 capsule with water.

Scientific information

Allergen free.

Gluten free