TIM or TIBBEX OINTMENT 1 oz (30 gms)

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Reduces inflammation and pain

Tibbex Ointment
NEW Hemorrhoidal Ointment
  • Soothing Relief from Inflamed and Irritated Tissue
  • Natural Astringent
  • Relieves Itching Pain and Soreness
  • Shrinks Swollen Hemorrhoidal Tissue
  • Certified Organic Base
  • Cayce Formula


Tibbex™ is a truly unique formula. It is designed to sooth and heal inflamed, irritated hemorrhoidal tissue. Our Certified Organic Base is infused with natural ingredients which work together to shrink swollen tissue. The Atomic Iodine™ enhances the anti-bacterial benefits of Tibbex.

Customers' Experiences:

"...I was delighted to hear that many of your customers have found Tibbex to be almost a miracle product in the healing of hemorrhoid conditions. I can only tell you, that has certainly proved to be true in my case. The relief from burning and itching occurred within an hour of applying the Tibbex Ointment and by the next day the inflammation seemed to be gone completely." - M.R., Rensselaer, NY

"My brother in law told me about this product you sell called Tibbex which he ordered from your store, so I tried it and was amazed at how quickly it worked... The Tibbex ointment helped me more than anything because it took the irritation away almost immediately so I could work without any pain or itching." - S.A., Athens, Greece

Suggested Use: For the temporary relief of pain, itching and discomfort associated with inflamed hemorrhoid tissues. Also, Tibbex can be used on skin sores caused by insect bites and stings, allergic reactions, burns, boils, and other skin irritants.

Directions: Adults clean affected area with mild soap and water. Rinse. Pat dry. Apply externally up to 6 times daily.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Butterfat, Natural Tobacco, Benzoin Tincture, Electrified Atomic Iodine.

Warning: For external use only. In case of bleeding, consult a doctor promptly. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Consult a physician if you are taking prescription medications. Stop use & see a doctor if: condition worsens, redness, irritation, swelling, pain, or other symptoms develop or increase, or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days. Do not put this product into rectum using fingers or any medical applicator.