Bijen Pollen 500 90 Caps

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Bee Pollen is a pure bee product. The pollen of plants is a substance that is collected by bees and to the creels are charged. For thousands of years it is known that the nutritional value for humans is extremely high. The human body contains 22 basic elements, including: enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. These components must be replaced by eating food.

In connection with the new law that took effect December 14, 2012 should be. Changed the product description of this product We can unfortunately not tell you everything about this beautiful product and are working on a new foundation to do you the necessary information to provide.
The quality of this product has not changed!

Ingredients: flower pollen 500 mg and fillers: magnesium stearate 5 mg. and silicon dioxide 5 mg

Plastic jar with sealed lid

Start with half a capsule a day and build up to a dose where you are comfortable with. The capsule can be opened. For children up to half a capsule in the morning. 


Allergen free